Why Waterproofing Your Home is Essential

Why Waterproofing Your Home is Essential

Although most people believe that their homes and offices are waterproofed, the term itself is frequently misunderstood or misused. This often means that a lot of properties are not as protected against water damage as owners would like to believe.

Waterproofing is more than just a quick fix to repel water; it is a project that needs to be planned to suit the specific needs of your roof style, as well as the local weather. This is an exercise that needs to be performed by experts who understand the materials, the weather, and the risks involved.

There are very important steps that need to be followed to waterproof a property, and to keep it well maintained.

So, Why Is Waterproofing Your Home Important?

When waterproofing is done properly, it does more than just prevent a leak. It also fortifies the structure; concrete waterproofing prolongs the life expectancy of your building by constraining ways that water and moisture can enter through ceiling, walls or floor. With the proper waterproofing steps these areas are can be protected from water intrusion, and structural damage such as such as, rust, rotting, corrosion, and deterioration. It can also prevent other types of weather damage such as hail damage and tornado and strong wind damage. With the changes of the climate in South Africa, it has become essential to protect and waterproof roofs and structures against these elements.

Proper waterproofing can also prevent mould. Concrete waterproofing isn’t just about ensuring the structure’s integrity, but also prevents health problems. Moisture can develop in the ceiling and walls, which causes fungus and mould growth. These microorganisms can cause serious health problems such as allergies, asthma and a weakened immune system.

Although waterproofing does require maintenance to remain effective, it remains a money-saving exercise. Waterproofing is a cost-effective solution that can prevent costly repairs to water damaged property. Many people are unaware that a lot of the problems they might be experiencing at home or at the office is due to hidden or unseen water damage – such as damage to electricity and electronics, carpets, cupboards, brandring and Iso-therm. Once you’ve targeted and solved these problems, you will notice that waterproofing maintenance on your property will become easier and less frequent.

Most importantly, a waterproofed environment is a safe and healthy environment. Proper waterproofing systems create a clean living- and work space. It safeguards the property and the people in it.

Speaking with the experts is the only way to find the best solution for your property that guarantees cost-effectiveness, quality and proper maintenance. Speak to our expert team to find the best waterproofing solution to suit your unique needs.


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